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In this day and age, there are numerous chest exercises that are out there. Given the large number of exercises involved, there’s no need to waste time listing them all out, we’d like to cut straight to the chase and mention the most effective exercises that bring out that bulk.

The exercises we list out are not necessarily the most complicated, instead, they are the ones most focused on the best-of-the-best mass builders. In addition, we’ll be providing handy tips to help complement each option. To get the most out of each suggestion, we recommended trying them all out and checking out which works best with one’s conditioning.

Importantly, it is of the essences to always ensure that all workouts are supported by a solid diet, and, if necessary, some supplements like whey protein powder, to ensure that muscle gain happens faster.

Barbell Bench Press

Barbell lifts are efficient at generating power, thus, even standard barbell benches can allow one to move a lot of weight. They are also remarkably easier to lift to control than pressing with heavy dumbbells. Because of this, the exercise is quite easy to spot and master. To ensure that chest development is fully maximized, it’s always wise to vary the grip width.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

In this particular regimen, each part of the body needs to work independently in order to recruit more stabilizer muscles. As previously elucidated, dumbbells are harder to control than barbells, thus, one needs to take more care when handling equipment in this case.

Dumbbells are amazing because they allow for a longer range of motion than one would get from a standard barbell bench press, both at the top and bottom phases of movement. Therefore, they can be considered a great alternative to barbells especially if one is looking for a change in workout type. Electromyography (EMG) conducted about the state of both exercises showed that they both significantly contribute to almost the same changes in the body, hence, it is recommended to only do one at a time, not both, because they tend to have the same benefits.

Seated Machine Chest Press

Performing machine assisted chest presses presents trainers with some added benefits. This is because it is easier for one to slow down the repetition, both in concentric and in centric phases. Moreover, stack-loaded machines are perfect for quickly dropping sets.

EMG data backs up assertions that machine bench presses recruit less than three heads of the deltoid (the posterior, anterior and middle sections), compared to free-weight variations. The exercise allows one to really target the pecs.It is recommended to do machine exercises towards the end of a workout routine. Machines also present one with the opportunity to pump the pecs with minimum shoulder assistance.

Chest Press, Cable, Decline, Alternating

The Cable Chest Press exercise works the pectoralis major, the anterior muscles, the core, lateral deltoids and deep shoulder stabilizers. This particular exercise motion is perfect for total-body stabilization and balance whilst performing the pushing motion. Other than isolating the muscles, the cable provision also allows one to have greater control than when one using bench presses.