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These days, infertility in men due to low sperm count has become the main reason for their obsession. A rare phenomenon found in men called Azoospermia which means ‘no sperm count’ is present in almost 2 percent population of men. This is the major factor contributing towards the inability to conceive. This condition comes into light when couples experience difficulty in conceiving. They seek medical advice and undergo various tests from a fertility clinic in Chennai. A semen test is also taken to get the sperm count of the male patient’s ejaculate. It might further go for semen analysis and finally, the result comes out to be the male has no sperm count.

By no sperm count they mean there is no healthy sperm in the male patient’s ejaculate which can impregnate an egg. Ideally, just a single sperm is required to fertilize an egg, but that ‘fertile’ sperm is what missing in the male patient which is not enabling the couple to conceive.

What are its causes?

  1. Post-testicular causes
    The major reason behind azoospermia is the blockage in the genitalia. It can also be caused due to an infection in the male reproductive system. Another cause can be due to a genitalia injury. Ejaculatory duct obstruction is another factor contributing to infertility in men.
  2. Pre-testicular causes
    Using steroids, antibiotics, excessive alcohol, drug abuse and other medications can also be a major cause for undefined infertility. This comes under pre-testicular causes due to the poor health of the patient. It happens due to poor hormonal support. It can also occur due to strenuous bike or horse riding. It can also occur due to the aftereffects of chemotherapy or radiation.
  3. Testicular factors
    There are other reasons for low sperm count which come under testicular factors due to age, chromosomal abnormality, trauma or any such factor. Another factor which can also affect fertility is genetics.
  4. Unexplained factors
    It has been noticed that in nearly 30% of the male population, the reason for low sperm count is unknown. This condition is known as idiopathic which means unexplained infertility.

How can it be treated?

Post-testicular and pre-testicular causes can be treated whereas testicular causes are difficult to treat and hence considered permanent. Many new techniques like IVF and other surgeries have come up in the recent years which have been proved successful in treating infertility related issues. There are many centres are for our help like IVF centre in Gurgaon. The treatment plan has to be chosen under the guidance of a specialist after performing all the required tests for the same.

Becoming pregnant might become difficult if the male has a low sperm count but the chances increase if the female is fertile. Many couples have been successful in this way. But it becomes difficult to conceive with a combination of sperm and ovarian dysfunction.