MCT Oil refers to a form of fat, which bypasses the healthy digestion and absorption process to reach our portal vein. This is the main reason behind the growing popularity of MCT in health enthusiast for boosting up the nutrient content of their meal in a gluten-free manner. Cheese, milk, butter, coconut oil and palm kernel oil are some of the most common sources of MCT, which is already a hit amongst the paleo and bodybuilding communities. Today we shall take a look at some of the most significant advantages of MCT oil and directions for implementing it in our everyday lifestyle.

  • Promotion Of Satiety

Medium chain triglycerides are famous for bringing along a feeling of fullness, which makes you feel less hungry in between thus preventing you from excess consumption of food. This happens when the production of peptide YY and Leptin hormones are stimulated to promote satiety. Leptin hormones are produced inside fat cells and trick our brain to realize that we have a full belly.

  • Promotion Of Weight Loss

Bulletproof Coffee, a favourite beverage stirred up using MCT oil is known to promote weight loss. Compared to Long Chain triglycerides, the time taken for breaking down MCT is much less, which helps it in being used up by our body readily with less likeliness for being converted into and stored as fat.

  • Lowering Of Cholesterol Levels

Risk of succumbing to atherosclerosis, heart disease and strokes decreases coupled with the consumption of MCT oil which lowers the LDL/HDL ratio and improves the cardiometabolic profile of obese individuals. Compared to soya bean oil, use of coconut oil which is a natural source of MCT is known to balance out our cholesterol count thus adding inertia to our weight loss process.

  • Impact On Brain

MCT oil is known to develop memory and learning skills as well as cure Alzheimer’s disease, which is noticed in people carrying the APOE4 gene. Individuals suffering from mild cognitive impairments have been found to be benefitted with improved memory in comparison to placebos. Another study hinted at improvement in the cognitive status of women.

  • Antiviral And Antimicrobial properties

Lauric acid, a type of MCT oil is the ultimate nemesis of virus and bacteria. MCTs derived out of maternal milk are revealed to bring along antimicrobial effects and reduce pathogen transmission in new-born children. Malassezia, an infectious fungus, which is found rampantly in hospitals can also be sustained with the consumption of MCT oil.

The best thing about MCT oil is its tasteless and odourless attribute which makes it a perfect component for being added to your regular meal.

  • For starters, you can swap vegetable oil with coconut oil for cooking your daily meal which in spite of being a small change can have a big role to play in helping you keep up with your health goals.
  • MCT oil can also be consumed right off the spoon much like syrup especially when you are in a hurry.
  • It can be blended into your morning coffee or tea to benefit from the instant burst of energy.
  • You can even mix the same with your favourite smoothies and shakes.

You need to keep track of your macronutrient ratios and try to replace the fat sources with MCT oil for benefitting the most out of this stellar diet plan.