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In recent news there are more major insurers leaving Obamacare as they cite losing more than $300 million this year alone. Not only is it not profitable for these insurance companies to carry insurance regulated by the Affordable Care Act but insurance companies are stating they will be put out of business completely if they continue to carry this coverage. Again, it appears as though healthcare is in crisis and it was never driven home more visibly than during the recent presidential debates when both candidates agreed the system is broken.

However, that’s where the agreement stopped and the differences began. One candidate wants to keep Obamacare and simply address the broken issues, the other wants to scrap it and start all over. In either case, the consensus is that Obamacare is not working as it had been intended to do, is more costly than it was forecast to be and insurers are bailing out by the droves. So what’s to be done? Some say, ask a nurse! Here’s why.

Nurses Are Always on the Front Lines of Patient Care

For years there have been nurse practitioners who in all respects work and act in much the same capacity as medical doctors. In more recent years there has been a new graduate level nursing designation which is doctor of nursing practice or DNP as it is abbreviated. This is more of an admin role and one in which nurses excel. They have, after all, been on the patient care end of healthcare and they see what those behind desks often miss. Being on the front lines is a whole lot different than watching the nightly news!

Nurses Would Ask for a No Nonsense Approach

Because of this, nurses would ask for a no nonsense approach to healthcare. All the legal gibberish would be cut to a minimum and nurses would insist that budgetary spending be allocated towards a patient-centric approach. Those new curtains in the lobby can be put on hold but extra nurses on an understaffed NICU need to be scheduled. Nurses see what’s lacking from a patient’s perspective and that’s what they’d target if they were appointed on the Obamacare assessment team. If it doesn’t serve a patient or a patient’s family’s needs, it would be gone point blank. No more unnecessary spending.

Nurses Would Streamline Processes Bypassing Bureaucratic Red Tape

Then, nurses know how to schedule time so as to be the most efficient. They would bypass much of that bureaucratic red tape to get to the crux of the matter. Obamacare is broken, it needs to be fixed so let’s do something about it. It doesn’t take having a doctor of nursing practice online degree to see that something needs to change, and change soon. Nurses don’t have the time to play politics because they are on the front lines taking care of those patients who have traditionally fallen through the cracks of bureaucratic hyperbole.

But nurses would, and do, make great administrators for these very same reasons. A nurse who holds a doctorate in nursing practice could easily turn much of Obamacare around. It’s too bad they aren’t on the sub-committee or it probably wouldn’t have been broken in the first place. Looking for an Obamacare Band-Aid? Ask a nurse, they’ll know just where to find one.