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Before thinking of carrying out any form of renovation in the home, it would definitely be in the best interests of the homeowner to seriously consider hiring a licensed and certified professional, to test for asbestos. It would be understandable if a person was to think asbestos is no longer found in any Australian homes, but should any building have been constructed prior to 1990, one should consider the consequences health wise, especially if dealing with home improvements and the likes. After all, countless news articles, written decades ago sounded the warning bells about the cancer-causing material, which affected many people and if not dealt with professionally, still does.


Asbestos has been around for a quite some time, and from the 1950s until the 1980s, asbestos was a major material of choice, because of its rot-resistant and flame-resistant properties, sturdiness, cheapnessand ease of use. It was flexibly adaptable and used forsuch things as roofs, fences, shingles and floor tiles to piping and ceilings of homes. Should anybody be interested in asbestos fence removal in Perth, make sure to use a qualified and experienced contractor.In fact,it wasn’t until the early 70s that the dangers of asbestos were being understood and not until the late80’s that it was banned. By itself, asbestos poses no threat, but should the fibres become airborne, be it from a renovations, fire, natural disaster or some other circumstance, then the fibres can become brittle, flake off and inhaled.Anybody in the vicinity will be able to inhale these toxic fibres, not just those close-at-hand.

Getting the Job Done Right – Hiring Tips

Some general contractors may give advice, such as not to worry about testing for asbestos, and the expense and trouble involved in hiring an asbestos professional to put up plastic barriers and other safety measures to remove it, may seem like a hassle. A job as simple as removing an asbestos fence may make someone indifferent about the health risks involved, but think about this: Inhaling only minute amounts of asbestos can kindle health problems that may not manifest until years later. If the proper and professional procedures aren’t pursued, disturbing this kind of material during home renovations can release large amounts of asbestos into the air, in and around the home and into the local environment. Considering the serious long-term health effects to loved ones, people hired for the job and neighbours, it is well worth the cost now to do the job safely and correctly, not to mention having a clean conscience.

It is a definite must and vital requirement that asbestos testing and removal needs to be done by experienced and seasoned professionals with specialised training. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when hiring a contractor to test or remove asbestos. Do the research (Internet or otherwise) and make sure that the contractor has all what it takes to get the job done professionally and get familiar with safe asbestos work practices, such as sealing off the area with plastic and wearing respirators, and make sure the contractor follows suit.There will be no regrets in getting the job done right!