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Celebrities are constantly under scrutiny from the media as well the general. Pop stars and film stars have millions of fans around the world who discuss their idols in minute detail on social media websites.

There are dozens of different procedures available for celebrities in order for them to change their appearance. Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson are just two celebrities who are world-renowned for having extensive cosmetic surgery. Celebrities who are immensely wealthy can afford to have multiple procedures done without causing a large hole in their bank balance.

Advances in cosmetic procedures over the years have meant that it is becoming less and less obvious that certain celebrities are indulging in extensive plastic surgery. These procedures are also available to the general public at reasonable prices, so people should not worry that a facelift in Perth or Botox in London is unaffordable.

Here are the top five things that celebrities do in order to look a million dollars.


Botox injections are a popular way for celebrities to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on their cheeks or their forehead. The injections work by relaxing the muscles under the skin and smoothing out the wrinkles that have formed at the corner of their eyes or their mouths.

Botox injections usually last for a few months before the process has to be repeated. Initially, the injections were extremely costly. However, Botox has become increasingly more affordable. The popularity of these injections is reflected in the phenomenon of ‘Botox parties’: a group of people will get together in order to have their own individual injections. These group injections of Botox can be arranged for discounted prices.

It is important to receive information about the potential side-effects of these injections. People should consult a doctor before having any Botox.


A professional facelift can reduce wrinkles on the face by pulling the skin tightly. This is a popular procedure for celebrities who want to keep their skin looking as flawless as possible. Facelifts are a very convenient procedure, and they can be performed at very cost-effective prices.

It is important that the skin is not stretched too tightly over the skull; otherwise, this can make the face look unnatural. There should still be some natural give left in the skin after the procedure has been completed.

Nose Job

A rhinoplasty is one of the most common celebrity surgeries. Many celebrities choose to have their noses narrowed, and they may choose to have the tip of the nose reconstructed if it is curved upwards.

Teeth Whitening

Celebrities are well-known for their dazzlingly white smiles. Tooth whitening with laser technology is a popular procedure because it removes discolouration extremely effectively.

Chin Reduction

Chin or jawline reconstruction is common amongst celebrities. Some celebrities may feel that their chin protrudes too much, so they opt to have the size reduced.

Don’t worry if it seems like the procedures in this artless seem unaffordable. Cosmetic surgery is available for very reasonable prices.