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Who wouldn’t love healthy and easy food? Remember the food cooked by your mom? Living alone or lazy to cook or running too late for work or looking to manage your weight or having to decide your menu is a bit difficult on every day basis. Sun Basket is the answer to everybody’s need. Though not mother’s cooked food, wouldn’t you love to hear that there is an option for healthy and easy cooking? Well there is definitely an option from Sun Basket. Read the Sun basket review here.

What is Sun Basket?

Sun Basket, having started by Chef Justine Kelly started this business of easy and healthy cooking and caters fresh and healthy ready to cook dishes. Chef Kelly prepares every single dish on his website. They serve only fresh, healthy and organic food items. They are the only food delivery service that sells Certified Organic food. They also have options of vegetarian, Paleo and gluten free recipes in their menu.

Farm fresh fruits and vegetables look brighter; have a better texture and taste. Even meat and fish are carefully got from water bodies or sourced from fisherman and ranchers who are committed towards growing them organically. This means meat and seafood is also free from antibiotics, chemicals and artificial hormones. So, wash all the items properly before using them as they are straight from the farm but haven’t travelled a long distance to reach you!

How is the dish prepared?

At Sun Basket you need not worry about buying the list of groceries for the coming week neither you have think of packaged food for the week. You have a list of dishes available on the website; you choose from them and order. Once ordered you will receive a confirmation about the due date of delivery of these dishes. And note that your order will be taken only if there is a sun basket store near you and things can be sent to you as fresh as possible.

And, when I say dishes, these are not cooked. But will have all the ingredients required to make that particular dish along with the cooking instructions. All you have to do is, open the box from Sun basket, open the dish, read the cooking instructions and start cooking. The menu at Sun Basket is never same and keeps changing on a weekly basis. Each dish is packed and named separately and all the dishes are packed in a box and sent to your address. You can even order meat or fish being sure that they would be fresh and healthy for sure. After receiving the Sun Basket Box, open and check all the ingredients and refrigerate them immediately. Read more the Sun basket review here.

At Sun Basket, not just food is organic, they ensure even the packaging is environmental friendly. What I mean by that is, they use only fully recyclable materials for their boxes, Ice packs, containers, veggie bags, plastic jars and bags. All of these are made from recyclable and compostable materials only.