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What is physiotherapy? So it’s a part of medical science which helps to regain functions of different part of body. Just assume that you met an accident or suddenly got a sprain somewhere. This is the time when you call a physiotherapist. They are doctors but they try to treat us trough exercise or withequipments. physiotherapy north york has its own standards.

What is the benefit of physiotherapy?

  • Improve strength
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Restores functions
  • Prevents injury
  • Prevents recurrence of pain and injury
  • Regains balance and co-ordination

 When you go for the first time

  • When you will give a first visit mostly they will study your case and will give a small idea of your treatment and which will help you to know the process how you will be treated.
  • The physiotherapist will perform few tests and will diagnosis to come to the accurate result and will discuss about the history of the cases.

How they treat

  • They perform various ways to increase the rate of recovery.
  • After the every session you will gets a list of do’s and don’ts before leaving the clinic.
  • For resorting normal joint movement, nerve mobility and improve muscle function they use manual therapy or hands on treatment.
  • They prepare a complete data with a prescribe exercise for every targeted period.
  • They treat by ultrasound therapy, and acupuncture which is a part of physical modalities.

Conditions which is treated by physiotherapy

·         Disc bulges and disc herniations·                     Hip pain
·         Neck and low back pain·                     Hip artheritis
·         Sprains and strains·                     spondylolisthis
·         Headaches·                     Labral tears of hip
·         Shoulder impingement·                     Femoroacetabularimpigment.
·         Shoulder pain·                     Hamstring injuries
·         Rotator cuff tears·                     Trochanteric buristis
·         Rotator cuff tendonitis

·         Shoulder dislocation

·                     Petella femoral syndrome

·         Osteocondritisdessicians

·         Labrals tears of the shoulder·         IT band syndrome
·         Fractures·         Chondromalacia patella
·         Bursitis of shoulder and other joints·         Bakers cyst
·         Myositis ossification·         Shin splints
·         Calcific tendinits·         Maniscal tears
·         Tennis elbow·         Ligament tears (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL)
·         Golfers elbow·         Pes  Anserine Buristis
·         Skiers thumb·         Achillies tendonitis
·         DeQervains syndrome·         Planter fasiitis
·         Carpel tunnel syndrome·         Osteoporosis
·         Spinal stenosis·         Ligament tears
·         Sciatica·         Osteoarthritis

There are many more such diseases, which can be cured by physiotherapy and it has proven that the disease which can’t be treated by medicine is cure by physiotherapy.