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You must have heard or read about numerous stories entailing cases where friends or family members went on a trip or on a vacation (domestic or foreign) and a health issue occurred to them. Most of these stories usually end with the patient rushed to the nearest medical facility, often through the use of an airline ambulance, whether airplane or helicopter.

What, though, most of these stories fail to mention is the actual helicopter ambulance repatriation cost and the logistics behind this life-saving service. We will, briefly, introduce you to the notions and the logic behind it aiming towards fully informing you about it.

What is actually offered

For those that are seek or unable to use commercial flights, an airline ambulance is usually the safest and faster option to travel. There is a great gamut of airplanes that are suited for medical evacuation and transport. Among them, turbine airplanes and especially helicopters are specifically designed to transport patients and injured, sometimes accompanies by family and qualified medical personnel.

Every mission, no matter how complicated and difficult, is staffed and composes of an experienced medical team comprising of doctors and first-aid and intensive care nurses. All members of the team are specifically trained in airline medicine processes whilst if the patient is in need of more specialized treatment (such as, for instance, in the case of a pregnancy) other doctors are available.

Additionally, medical care and assistance to international travelers that are seeking quality medical care locally is administered. They are transferred with helicopters in a timely manner and exactly where they need to be so they can receive the medical attention they need and deserve. Also, the possibility of coordinating and implementing repatriations or emergency transports from areas that must be evacuated, for health reasons (such as the case of a pandemic, for instance) also is available.

Helicopter ambulance cost: how much does it really cost

In case of any urgent medical assistance that will require the use of a helicopter ambulance, one of the factors you need to take into consideration is also the cost. In such a case, and whenever this is possible due to urgent circumstances, the first step is requesting a quote for the helicopter ambulance cost.

Every situation and every patient is unique and the cost is determined through various factors and variables. First and foremost, the position of the patient and the country that is located highly contributes to determining the cost. Secondly, the mileage and the distance that needs to be traversed from the point of the accident towards the nearest hospital, medical center or clinic plays also a great role. Last but not least, the existence or not at that specific region of a networked company that collaborates with the affiliated company determines the amount and the final cost. And of course, the severity of the incident and its gravity are always variables that play a major role towards calculating the helicopter ambulance cost whenever health issues arise.