8 Ways to Keep Fit Outside the Gym This Winter | ACTIVE

The winter season is often associated with cozy feelings, spending time with family and indulging a little more than usual on holiday treats and other seasonal delights. While it can be a relaxing time, the colder-than-usual weather can make it easy to want to stay indoors and avoid daily exercise. Although it may be tempting to stay glued to the couch all winter long, if you want to strengthen and tone muscle Virginia Beach, you may need to take a few extra steps to ensure you remain in good shape all winter long. Fortunately, there are some fun ways to help tone up your muscles even when the weather makes you want to stay sedentary.

1. Sneak Veggies Into Your Holiday Meals

Being active is crucial to staying toned, but as the expression goes, abs are primarily made in the kitchen. The winter season usually comes with a disproportionate amount of sugary, carb-heavy or fatty foods, so the trick is to sneak veggies into your meals to ensure you still get good nutrition. For example, you can incorporate broccoli into your favorite comforting casserole.

2. Find a Workout That Appeals Most to You

The toughest part about sticking to a regular exercise routine is actually enjoying the exercise enough to motivate yourself to do it. When you find a workout that truly appeals to you, however, this is no longer an issue. Consider treating yourself, for instance, to an exercise class pass that will let you try out several different types of exercise, from weight lifting to Pilates to dance class. Once you strike upon something that you really find fun and enjoyable, working out won’t be so much a chore as a treat and valuable time to yourself.

3. Try Getting a Coolsculpting Treatment

If you would rather treat yourself to a special procedure than focus on exercise alone, or if you’ve been exercising but could still use a boost for toning up your muscles, you may want to consider getting a coolsculpting treatment. This treatment can target stubborn areas that just won’t spot-reduce even with daily exercise, and can help with fat reduction on any part of the body. It works by essentially freezing unwanted fat, forcing the targeted cells to shrink and die off.

It can be tempting to lead a more sedentary lifestyle in any season, but the cold winter weather can make anyone more vulnerable to skipping exercise and self-care. In order to make sure your muscles stay strong and toned come springtime, you may want to consider one of these quick and fun ideas.