Here’s How you can Keep your Bones Healthy

Bones are the support system holding your body. In addition to providing structure to the body and protecting delicate organs, bones are storage sites for minerals and bone marrow – the main ingredient of blood cells. There is no point in going into this debate, everybody knows how important bones are. The point of concern is how to keep them healthy and strong. As we age, bones tend to go weak. The bone mass which peaks at around 30 starts to come down and loses more than it gains in future years. This process of weakening bones is called Osteoporosis. The objective is to stop osteoporosis and have healthy bones as you age.

Factors that Influence Bone Health

  • Lack of physical activity damages bones enormously. Active people resist osteoporosis more effectively than people with no physical activity.
  • Women are generally more prone to osteoporosis than men owing to their lesser bone tissue.
  • Aging is the main factor as the bones become thin and weak with age.
  • Hormone imbalance negatively affects bone health. It has been found that overproduction of the thyroid leads to bone loss.
  • Underweight or thin people have lesser bone mass and subsequently lesser amounts of stored calcium leading to the deterioration of bone health.
  • Smoking and alcohol contribute greatly to weakening the bones.

How to Restore Bone Health?

Start Exercising

An active body is a healthy body. To make bones stronger, start daily exercises. Running, climbing, and dancing are considered good weight-bearing exercises. Moreover, indulging in strength training is found to be extremely beneficial in treating joint deficiencies and general bone health. Start low and work your way up. Don’t overburden your bone and always train under expert supervision.

Eat Healthily

Including vegetables and fruits in your diet is a good way to improve bone health. Green vegetables like spinach are very helpful in fulfilling the lack of minerals in bones. Stay hydrated and avoid artificial energy drinks for they do more harm than good.

Avoid Substance Abuse

Smoking and drinking are some of the main factors of bone weakening. Enroll in a smoking quitting program and work around lowering your alcohol consumption. It won’t happen in a day. Persistence is the key here.

Focus on Calcium and Vitamin Intake

Calcium is the main ingredient of bones. It is essential to keep your calcium intake at the optimum level of 1000mg/day for adult men. Dairy products, salmon, almonds, and beans are great sources of calcium. Vitamin deficiency is often the root cause of bone weakening. Among vitamins, vitamin D holds special significance for bones. Eat foods rich in Vitamin D like oily fishes, eggs et cetera. Keeping the recommended level of 600 IUs/day is essential to keep bones healthy.

Seek Expert Opinion

It is highly recommended to avoid using the over-the-counter medication without your doctor’s opinion. In case of any complications, consult an orthopedist in Queens, NY. Moreover, having a regular bone density test will help you keep your progress in check.