For me, making a ponytail is a great hassle. I am usually busy and it never sticks up or sometimes my hair is all frizzy that it makes it look really bad. I got three warnings due to being late to work but guess what? Who saved me? These amazing claw ponytails by Juvabun, look real and help in getting the perfect hairstyles and ponytails in a matter of seconds.

After I started using these claw ponytails, I have never been late to a single appointment and I can also relax in between my busy schedule. As you know, being an influencer our routines are quite hectic as we have to be presentable at every point in our lives and that is what I was trying to achieve but my short time and my lack of knowledge with hairstyles including ponytails was not letting me have it. I didn’t have time for salon breaks and money to hire a professional for 24/7 and that is where these claw ponytails came into action and changed my life drastically.

How Juva Buns Claw Ponytail Changed My Life

This claw ponytail can be your best friend everywhere you go and when you are in a hurry. This ponytail is perfect for a meeting where you need to display your sleek pony without any frizzy hair. It is perfect for hairstyles like braids, high or low ponytails, top knots, buns and more are possible. It is the perfect and economic solution to get ready fast and never miss an appointment that we usually miss due to our unpreventable bad hair day. For me it has changed my life completely from graduation events to meetings to birthday parties to clubbing. I have my claw ponytail on and I shine with the amazing hairstyles. You can also get one of these and change your lifestyle and never be late for work or an appointment again. Stay confident as good hair brings confidence and elegance so claim your power now and make your life easier just like I did.

The Benefits I Get From The Claw Ponytail

Getting a claw ponytail has been a game-changer for me and it has made my life really easy. Usually, I am very busy and cannot take shower every day and my hair are always the first one to get oily due to my daily workouts but after getting my hands on Juvabun’s claw ponytail, I do not have to worry as even if my hair is oily, I just tie it and claw the ponytail in and take the day with confidence. Then it gives a fuller effect to my dull pony and is a really versatile hair accessory that allows me to play with multiple hairstyles without having to worry about the length of my hair. So it has been the best purchase I ever made.

Different Hairstyles I Enjoy For All Occasions!

1.         The Classic Ponytail

My perfect hairstyle for an everyday look is your simple old classic ponytail but the problem with it is that it gets loose after some time. But now, I tie a ponytail or a loose bun then clip my claw ponytail on top of it and it stays for hours till I remove it letting me enjoy my days without fear of having bad ponytails.

2.      High Ponytail

High ponytails are great when it comes to photoshoots, sports, and more such activities. They also look classy over a suit but again you need to have the perfect length and volume of hair to get them. Unfortunately, after getting my hair treated so many times I cannot say I can have a graceful high ponytail but then I used these claw ponytails, and let me tell you! Since then I have never faced the problem of a weird-looking high ponytail or a continuously slipping ponytail. I just make a small high bun and clip the ponytail on!

3.      Side Ponytail with a Twist

Side buns or ponytails are best for weddings and formal events but they take forever to be made and require an extra volume of hair. I used to get envious of ladies having such cool hairstyles but after getting a claw ponytail, I have perfected this hairstyle and now make it in five minutes.

4.      Half up Ponytail

This one here always broke my hair as separating hair in half and then adding in the elastic was such a huge hassle for me as it always broke my hair by entangling them with the ones that are down but not it is so easy and great, I will tell you how. Take your half hair and fasten them using bobby pins then grab some hair so that your claw ponytail can clamp it between its teeth and be done!

5.      Top Knot

I wear top knots when going out on an adventure or traveling in-plane as it looks chic and classy and is easy to handle. But regular top knots come undone quite quickly but this claw ponytail is a life changer as I make a simple top knot by clipping on the claw ponytail and twisting the hair and making a top bun that is way tighter and firmer than my regular hair.

It is A Simple and Fast Solution To My Day To Day Hair Problems!

To get the perfect claw ponytail in a fast and simple way, you have to follow three steps. The first step is, take all your hair and tie them back in a loose bun or small ponytail. The second step is to take the claw ponytail and clamp it on top of your ponytail. The third and last step is to adjust the ponytail and brush out hair to give a more natural look, bypassing your fingers through the hair and you are good to go.

Well, I guess by now you have seen the benefits of having a claw ponytail at your dressing table. It is one of the fastest and comfortable ways to make a ponytail without the hassle of damaging your hair. The Juvabun’s claw ponytail is the best choice that I made as there are many varieties present and also the hair looks natural and classy. So, if you are looking for one for yourself and at cool prices then check them out!