How Many Cells Are in the Human Body? Types, Production, Loss, More

When people think about organs, they typically envision things inside their body… inside their skin. However, the shocking reality is that your skin is your largest organ. It’s easy to take it for granted and mistakenly think that taking care of it isn’t important, that it’s only there to protect other vital parts of our body that can be found within it. However, this is incorrect because it’s actually an important organ in and of itself!

See a Skin Specialist

The great importance of your skin means that you should periodically see a dermatologist near me, or a skin specialist, to make sure that your biggest organ is in great shape. You may be wondering exactly what the purpose of such a large, external organ is in the first place. Your skin actually has many important roles.

What Your Skin Does for You

It’s actually true that one of those important roles is protecting the organs that can be found inside your body. Another one is protecting your body from infiltration by germs such as bacteria and viruses. This is one of the reasons why protecting your skin itself is important! After all, bacterial or viral infections can spread throughout your entire body, leaving you feeling awful and potentially putting your life at risk.

Your skin also helps regulate your body temperature. It helps keep you warm when it’s cold by providing a covering for your other organs, as well as giving you goosebumps that allow you to shiver and produce more body heat. It also helps keep you cool when it’s hot by producing sweat that helps you expel body heat.

These are just a few of the many ways your skin helps you stay alive. Therefore, it’s clear there many reasons why you should take great care of it and protect it.