When you’re hurt, you think about which doctor you want to see. Chances are you don’t just pick the first medical office that pops up online. After all, a broken bone or illness is serious, requiring time, effort and funding. For these reasons, you usually take the time to really think about who is handling the case. The same should really apply to your auto needs as well. You use your car to not only go places but to keep you safe on the road. Any repairs should be taken seriously, completed by a location that is trustworthy and knowledgeable. Here are three things you should ask a place before you leave your vehicle in their hands.

1. How Experienced Is the Staff?

Feel good about getting back behind the wheel. For that to happen, you should feel at ease about those fixing it. Speak with the manager or desk about how they hire their mechanics. What training do employees have? How long do they staff on the team? Look for places that encourage work experience such as continuing education and maintaining a reliable crew.

2. What is the Time Frame for the Job?

The establishment should prioritize customer schedules without rushing job performance. Discuss how long it will take to correct the issues. Explore why the timetable is that way. Do they wait for parts? Is the place overwhelmed with business? If it’s going to be done quickly, how is that possible? Ensure that all steps are going to be taken.

3. Who Could You Speak With for a Reference?

Reputation counts. What do others in the community say about places that specialize in auto collision repair Fort Worth? Ask the front desk about where they have reviews. Many businesses have websites with testimonials. Hop online, and read about other customer experiences. In addition, ask neighbors where they go too.

Don’t be hasty. See your car as a valuable asset that deserves the best restoration.