The Wisdom Tooth Removal Process in 2018 - from 123Dentist

Wisdom tooth extraction is the surgical removal of one or more wisdom teeth located at the back of your mouth-top and bottom. They are extracted for various reasons such as if they have gum disease or cavities, are impacted, your mouth is not large enough to fit them, or if they grew at a wrong angle and are pressing on the others.

Before the Surgery

The extraction is almost always an outpatient procedure. You will meet one of our dentists or an oral surgeon who will tell you what to expect during the process. During this time, you may want to ask them various questions concerning the surgery, such as how many teeth are supposed to be removed, how long it will take, the do’s and the don’ts before and after the surgery, and any other question you deem fit. You should also take this time to prepare yourself by arranging for someone to take you home after the surgery, arrangements at work, among others.

During the Surgery

The procedure may take 1 hour or less. The surgeon will either use local anesthesia to numb your mouth, IV sedation, or general anesthesia. The dentist or oral surgeon will then make an incision in your gum to remove the teeth, clean and stitch the gum.

After the Surgery

Most people experience little to no pain after the extraction. You can expect mild discomfort and a minor swelling for a few days. The surgeon will advise you on the do’s and don’ts, including managing pain, bleeding, what you can eat, and when to call the dentist. If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth or you suspect they will cause problems in the future, talk to us. We’ll help you come up with a solution for it.