iFit is a great tool for increasing your workout results manifold whether you are using a treadmill or an elliptical. It is wireless card that connects your fitness equipment like your treadmill or anything else to the internet. It can also track and store your workout and meals. You can use it to create personalized workouts and it can be connected to Google Maps for replicating terrains on your screen so that your training sessions become more interesting. It is a gadget that has no wires and can fit into the best treadmill and other equipments available at present.

What are the components of iFit Live?

The iFit technology is based on two of its constituent components viz.:

  • The elliptical or treadmill console that must have iFit port and you will come across many treadmills and elliptical that are coming with this
  • The iFit wireless card that fits into the port of the machine and connects to the internet. It can be used to store personalized workout data and the only thing that you would need to make these work is a wireless internet connection and a computer.

What are the benefits of iFit Live?

iFit Live comes loaded with array of benefits and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Google Maps: This probably the coolest feature that comes with iFit Live. You can replicate any terrain mapped by Google Maps on your screen. For example, if you want the Boston marathon route on your incline trainer or treadmill, you just need to upload the wireless card and plug it in the port of the treadmill or incline trainer. The Boston Marathon Route would be replicated and the incline would also get adjusted as you run the hills on the route. Mounting the laptop or iPad on top of the console would allow you to view the route on the screen as well as you traverse it.
  • Nutritional information: You can record and store your calories and meals on the iFit Live wireless card. This would help to plan your meals for the best results. The card can store all nutrition information and also plan for you.
  • Workout Tracking: You can keep a track of the calories you burn with any form of exercise like swimming, running, basketball etc. with the iFit Live tool.
  • iPhone compatibility: There is an iFit app that you can install in your iPhone and keep a track of your workout sessions in your phone itself
  • Jillian Michael’s Workout: The iFit Live software comes programmed with Jillian Michael’s workout session, who is an inspiration for many.

The benefits of getting this tool are many. However, it is worth investing in only when you have a treadmill or elliptical with an iFit port. Read elliptical reviews before buying one to ensure that it has this port. It is a perfect choice for people who like running races or have plans to participate in a marathon. It surely would add many more features in future.