Being a mom is difficult enough, but try looking your best while you’re at it. You seem to be the target–for everything. Spills, scratches, ripped clothing, you name it. A day with the kids can seem like you just got out of a cave where you woke up a bear in hibernation by accident.

So, how do you look your best and stand up to the tests of motherhood? Good question. There isn’t a real answer because it doesn’t really exist, parenting is a full-time job and there’s no getting around those incidents. Worry not, there are ways to look great and look great longer, all the while being on a budget.

Stylish Comfort

Between chasing after the kids and getting tackled, comfort is a mom’s best defense to stay strong all day. That doesn’t mean you can’t walk outside comfortably and confidently in some sweats. There are plenty of cute, fashionable, sweats that are agreeable to your body. Most times, the only issue can come down to price, as many fashion forward comfort clothes come at a hefty price. Target does an excellent job providing inexpensive fashion forward products. You can check it out here.


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Hair Madness

In motherhood, it can seem like a battle for the ownership of your hair. Kids pull and tug because they are curious. A great way to conserve the do is to invest in quality hair. Protective hairstyles have great benefits to any mom who is constantly getting her hair tugged. Wearing Remy hair, a quality type of hair, over your hair can help protect your hair from constant damage. Professionals know how to do this and results can last for months. You can find quality hair at Still, when you’re around the kids, bun or ponytail up. You’ll end up loving the hair and you’ll want it to last longer.

Another way to escape the pulling for shorter haired readers is to wear clip-in extensions. You can also get it from the same website. You can wear the hair when you’re out and take them out whenever you got the kids.

Wigs are also a great solution for readers with short hair. It is a protective hairstyle but you can take it off when you please. Readers with curly and or thicker hair may have to braid their hair to get natural looking results. Braiding what’s underneath is great because it helps hair grow and stay strong.

Make Up

Wearing makeup while facing the tests of motherhood can be difficult, but there are ways to step it up without having to put on a lot. Simple solutions can make you shine brighter while you’re out with the kids. Bare Minerals has a product called Bareskin Foundation and the name is just that. It has a less harsh impact on your skin and has a brightening effect. You can learn more on their website.


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You will glow on the playground. Pair this with a nude lip and maybe some mascara if you want to go crazy and you’ll look like you didn’t miss an ounce of sleep since the newborn arrived!

Mommies, keep up the great work, while looking great. Motherhood is a reward in itself. The most beautiful you will always shine through.