Still no solution for medical debt

Statistics for medical debt in the US clearly indicate that when it comes to bankruptcy filings at least 70% of those actions is the direct result of medical debt. The reasons should be obvious but surprisingly after a decade of medical related problems no one yet had the courage to go to the root of the problem but rather the time of US citizens is wastedwithineffectual programs such as Obama care and the affordable care act. These programs is merely the Band-Aidplaster which is applied to the festering sore resulting from medical debt and other problems in the medical care industry. When looking at the problem objectively it is very clear that the relief which people enjoy because of Obama care is minimal and for millions there is still no solution to their medical debt problems. Even thosewho do have health care insurance, find those support systems to be ineffective when it comes to major healthcare issues or chronic illness. Then there are still the frequent surprises when it comes to things such as out of cover issues, or things which is simply not covered by health insurance and thousands of people are left with unexpected medical debts for which they were not prepared.

Looking at the statistics

When one looks at the 50 top countries when it comes to healthcare on this planet you do not find the US among the first three countries as far as health care is concerned. You will also not find the US among the top five or the top 10 for that matter. Despite beenone of the strongest economies on this planet and despite the fact that US medical healthcare is twice as expensive as that of any other developed country, when it comes to the list of top medical healthcare companies, you will find the US only in the 37th Place. For most people this is unexpected truth because it simply does not make sense, how can a country that excels in so many areas fall so far behind when it comes to the critical issue of healthcare? Even its Northern neighbor Canada has healthcare costs of only 50% of those which is obtainable in the US, while they are still providing health care that is just as good and better than those obtainable in the US. Even countries such as Mexico and Cuba is doing exceptionally well when it comes to healthcare and they are providing it at very reasonable prices.

The root of the problem

The most shocking statistic of them all reveals itself when one looks at the 10 global pharmaceutical companies who are declaring billions of dollars in profits every year. On that list the three most profitable pharmaceutical companies is US-based. All of them have annual profits in excess of US$12 billion. The number one company Johnson & Johnson’s is generating profits of US$16 billion annually. Now I believe most people will agree with me that something is very wrong with this scenario. The two top earning pharmaceuticalcompanies in Switzerland only has profits of 9 billion each annually. None of those citizens are complaining because Switzerland has the best healthcare system in the world. This cannot apply to the US when there are very large problems in the medical healthcare system. Millions of people are burdened by the cost of healthcare and yet no less than 3 US pharmaceutical companies is growing rich out of struggling US citizens. Why is this allowed to continue? Why does government implement Obama care which clearly is not the perfect solution to healthcare in the US? Why isn’t there a complete restructuring of the medical industry to prevent profiting from citizens who cannot afford it?