True contributors or hypocrites?

Apparently Johnson & Johnson is caring for the world one person at a time and that vision inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson. That statement goes on to say that Johnson & Johnson embraces research and science and that their goal is to bring innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of people. Furthermore the statement says that employees of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies work with partners in health care to touch the lives of over 1 billion people every day all across the planet. The statement continues by saying that Johnson & Johnson is the sixth largest consumer health company in the world and it’s also the fifth largest pharmaceutical company as well as the most comprehensive medical devices business. According to the statement they have265 operating companies and they arerepresented in 60 countries employing approximately 126,000 people, with its corporate headquarters in New Brunswick New Jersey.

That is a mouthful, but where does it leave US patients?

Caring for the world one person at a time and the objective to advance the health and well-being of people. All of this sounds so good hearted, compassionate and human but the fact remains that this pharmaceutical giant generates profits of US$16 billion per year while millions of US citizens is wallowing in the mire of medical debt. This simply does not seem fair, realistic and it simply cannot be right. They are closely followed by two other US pharmaceutical companies the one generating US$12 billion and the other generating US$13 billion. Those profits in total comes to US$41 billion. There can be no doubt that if 80% of those profits could be invested into the US healthcare system that could make a tremendous difference to the lives of millions of people. But you know what, it simply will not happen because wealthy investors have to be paid, high profile politicians has to be rewarded for their support and that is why the best which could be done for US citizens is the affordable care act with its minimal benefits, while millions is still struggling with impossible medical debts.

Currently there is simply no solution

Whether you are voting Democrat or Republican the same policies and systems still apply and without a genuine restructuring of the healthcare industry no real changes will occur. Next time it will be Clinton care or Donald Trump care while in reality no one cares. The only thing that matters in the US is profits and price increases and the dividends on investments which is leaving the top 1% with more than 80% of the resources in this country while the bottom 99% has to manage with the remaining 20%. Yes it may still be the land of the American dream but only for the top 1% the rest will continue to be slaves whoseprimary purpose is to feed the system, they are only workers in the service of the top 1%. Some things apparently never changes it is just called by another name.