Which is best?

According to Trudy Lieberman there are some Canadians who are under the impression that Obama care was a universal health coverage just like the system used in Canada. She corrected them and she told them that the legislation behind Obama care was just another patch on an existing patchwork of coverage which is still not addressing the healthcare issues of over 30 million US citizens. Therefore it was never a complete healthcare solution, it was just another way to sooth the frustrations of US citizens by adding a natural sweetener to the mix. Although there appears to be some benefits in the affordable care act which is allowing more people to obtain healthcare insurance through a whole range of subsidies but there is still no way that the system could be tagged as a universal system. This is not how things work in the Canadian healthcare system because all citizens must be covered by public health care insurance and that cover will apply to where ever they may receive healthcare in that country. There is also no limitation as to which physician or healthcare institution could be used in order to receive coverage. Therefore a situation could never exist in Canada where people are inundated by medical debt because of the way in which the system is structured.

No coinsurance

In Canada no patients is not required to pay coinsurance if they are an outpatient or they are required to go to some other treatment center while these things is a way of life for US patients. In Canada people do not constantly live in fear of the cost of healthcare and they never have to deal with large medical bills should they suddenly need to go to an emergencies room or to some other out-of-network doctor or hospital. The primary focus in the Canadian healthcare system is on the need of the patients and not on their ability to pay which is by far the more human system. Human needs comes first in Canada before costs and profits and despite the suffering of millions of US citizens there is no indication that any drastic changes could be expected in the US healthcare system. Because all healthcare in Canada is publicly funded it is more fair and impartial and also unbiased and they also do not differentiate between different healthcare plans which provides patients with different levels of healthcare based on what they can afford.

Which system would US citizens choose if they could?

With millions of US citizens which is still uninsured and with many of them burdened by huge medical debts and out of service issues there is no doubt in my mind that at least 50% of US citizens will not hesitate to opt for the Canadian healthcare system if they could. Millions of US citizens will once again require debt consolidation loans this year in a desperate attempt to deal with increasing medical debts. However even the poorest Canadian citizen is fully covered and will not lose any sleep because of large medical debts. The problem in the US lies with the policymakers who seems to be in the pockets of large pharmaceutical companies and who simply do not have the willpower and the moral conviction to make those changes which is needed in the US healthcare system.