Aniracetam, most marketed drug of Nootropic family, is quite well known to enhance mental abilities of human brain. The drug is well known for its quick positive health effects and long lasting effects. It structure is similar to Piracetam, another health enhancing drug, and also differs in its additional mind improvement powers.

Why Aniracetam is quite popular drug?

The best advantage of inducing the drug in your daily diet is that it improves your memory and learning power. Numerous users of the supplement have even reported to be best solution to retain lost memory. The other well acclaimed benefits are increase in concentration power, enhancing alertness of mind whole the day, let you be focused on work and many more.

It is used by mountaineers and people suffering ailments, because of having less oxygen in blood.  It even helps in eradicating cerebrovascular sickness. This all beneficial work is done by motivating the receptors and transmitters present in human brain. Reviews of its users portray that it is well preferred to drive away anxiety and depression. Researchers indicate that it may duet to its strong effect on receptors like Dopamine and Serotonin.

Working of the popular mind power improving drug:

It mainly works by stimulating ampakine receptor to increase memory and learning ability. That is the reason behind achieving popular name ‘Learning enhancement agent’. It even has all the qualities of compounds of Nootropic group. Aniracetam has been use since few decades to cure many major ailments including Alzheimer in a short period of using its dosage.

Studies show that it has great power to smoothen the functions of AMPA glutamate receptors. Hence, you are able regain your lost memory. It even functions as allosteric modulator of acetylcholine receptors, thus depriving anxiety and keeping mind alert.

Users have posted that it is mood enhancer. It even helps in having fluid conversation by removing stress completely from mind. Candidates appearing for competitive exams like to take its doses to improve their performance level in exams.

Used with other drugs (stacking):

Health fitness seekers and patients suffering from mental disability issues like to stack it with other powerful drugs to have more positive effectiveness in quicker way. Most commonly used drugs along with Aniracetam doses are Piracetam and Oxiracetam.  Aniracetam can be used in both capsules form as well as in powder form of drug.

Aniracetam capsules and powder form is available in online market as well as in pharmaceutical centers. Opt for reputable source of supply as you can’ play with any health issues. Taking the dosages in proposed till prescribed period will help in eradicating any negative health issues.

Capsules are more preferred as you don’t have to measure the dosage level. Each capsule proportion of containing the compound is already written in the bottle pack. Aniracetam gets easily dissolve in fat of body which may cause minimal side effects. Hence having it in capsule form will be wise decision. Beginners can have it in small dosages before increasing to the prescribed dosage level.

For more information about the wonder memory enhancing drug, Aniracetam visit informative websites like where you can read reviews and blogs of its users to help in easing your mind to buy Aniracetam.