Obesity: A health – changing factor

childhood obesity

If we just look at the statistics of the last 5 years, we will see a distinct rise in the curve that shows the growth of obesity as a health – changing factor! There is no doubt of the fact that obesity is one of the major reasons for many diseases but to state in more precisely, obesity has changed the way we look at being unhealthy! The number of people who are getting affected by obesity is increasing day by day and that too all over the world! The events have turned up is such a way that this has already caused jitters In WHO!


Here are some shocking Statistics about Obesity:

1. Amidst the two genders, the women are more prone to obesity than men are!

2. Obesity is the list of the top 5 causes of deaths in the modern world.

3. The United States of America leads the list of the countries with the highest cases of Obesity!

4. The number of cases of Obesity has doubled and tripled in some of the important places f the world since 1980’s!

The 5 main Causes of Obesity:


1. Consumption of Food with more Fatty acids and Calories.

2. Lack of motion. Most of the free time is spent in front of the television or video game in case of children.

3. In certain cases Genetic issues.

4. Lack of exercise and physical activity.

5. Lack of Proper metabolism.

What can we do?

We all certainly realize the fact that there is not a lot that can be done by force. Thus, it is important to realize that we will have to take the steps to counter this threat from obesity! One should look to take the responsibility to the grass root levels. Proper eating habits and the correct amount of exercise is required for a healthy living! One must keep in mind that obesity is turning into a negative health – changing factor! It is high time that we consider the other health – changing factors that will us to get back to the proper lane of life!