All natural products do not get made with equal quality. Some of them are helpful, and some of them do harm. Its important to do extensive research before buying natural products. The intentions behind it are good, but not everyone is familiar with the proper usage of some of these supplements. Some of them have even claimed to be FDA compliant, but natural supplements do not get regulated by the FDA.

History of natural products that claim to change people’s lives

Consumers are free to choose whatever they put in their bodies, but it is up to them to do the research to find out the effectiveness of a product. Companies selling these natural products have gone as far as promoting the ingredients of the products by writing books, magazines, and newsletters about them. They have even done lectures, printed booklets, and television broadcasts promoting these supplements.

Collectively, Americans have spent over a billion dollars on natural supplements because they are looking for alternative means to improve their health. They want to do it safely, so they turn to products without harmful additives. The problem is that not all of the products do what they claim. There are some truths to some claims, but there are dishonest people out there that do mislead the public.

The honest people who are selling products that work well get overshadowed by individuals with impure intentions. Some herbal remedies work relatively well. It is just that some people have made it their life work to mislead others so that they can make millions in the process.

Reviews from Customers

Clients who have used Pürblack have made some reviews about it on Amazon. To get some background information, you can check out One of the reviews states that the product is beneficial in that the body needs minerals for cell repair, bone marrow replacement, and brain function.

The user further indicates that those substances used to get consumed through foods. However, farmers are failing to replenish soils. When that happens, it takes away the necessary nutrients the food needs. That is where the supplements come in. They are supposed to replace the missing nutrients that the food does not provide.

Furthermore, the reviewer states that more Americans are getting obese because they lack those nutrients like minerals that the foods do not have. The body craves them; therefore, people overeat to make up for the missing nutrients.

Another customer review states that it is difficult to spoon out and measure the product. The client suggested offering it in blister packs with the precise dose. That would take away from having to measure the dosage each time it has to get consumed. The reviewer further went on to say that Pürblack smells like a new tire and also has a bad taste. An option would be to mix it with 2-8 OZ of warm water and honey. That would give it a much better taste.

Despite the initial bad taste, the client praised the product and said that she was more clear-headed after consuming Shilajit. Her sleep had also improved. Before taking Pürblack, she used to get up at 3 AM in the mornings to pee, but all of that has changed after using Shilajit.

Side Effects of Pürblack

The counterfeit one may show some side effects, but there are no known side effects from using this product. As with any supplements, follow the directions on the usage of it. Always start out with a small dose, and then increase it to the recommended dosage. Everyone’s body is different. You have to get your body used to it. Before you start consuming any dietary supplements, always talk to your doctor first.

If the product gets used in its raw form, there might be some impurities. The false ones contain heavy metals, dangerous levels of mercury, arsenic, and lead. These fake Shilajit have the same properties as the real one, so unsuspecting consumers might think it is the real deal.

In conclusion, before consuming natural supplements, speak to your doctor or ayurvedic practitioner first. There are no known side effects of Pürblack, but false ones have shown to contain heavy metals, dangerous levels of mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Customers who have reviewed the product state that it is beneficial in that the body needs minerals for cell repair, bone marrow replacement, and brain function. Another reviewer says that she was more clear-headed after consuming it. Her sleep had also improved. When you go to purchase supplements, choose wisely. Make sure that what you are getting is genuine.