Supporting a loved one through any illness can be difficult, but it’s something that many people feel they should do if the situation should arise. If a loved one, such as a spouse or family member, has been diagnosed with diabetes, your support can help them to manage the condition and remind them that they are not alone. Diabetes can be a very difficult condition to live with, especially if the patient needs to closely monitor their diet and sugar intake in order to prevent going into shock. Having somebody there to offer support and help when needed can be truly valuable to a diabetic person.


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Financial Worries

For many people living with diabetes, it’s not only the health problems which worry them. The need to have constant prescription medications, insulin injections, regular doctor and hospital check-ups and even specific foods can all be costly when added up. This can be especially difficult for those on a low income, or those whose insurance does not cover the whole cost of managing their condition. Looking into schemes such as selling diabetic test strips can offer your loved one a method of earning some extra money to pay for medication and treatments, as well as helping others with diabetes out.

Diet and Nutrition

Many people suffering with diabetes need to keep a strict eye on their diet at all times. This is even more important if they are currently overweight or obese, and need to eat a healthier diet in order to lose weight and keep their diabetes under control. But, it’s important to understand that people with diabetes cannot be expected to eat healthily absolutely all of the time, especially if this is a huge lifestyle change for them. If you are in charge of cooking meals, preparing healthy, nutritious dishes can help your loved one to manage this condition. However, it’s important to remember not to become the ‘diabetes police’. Although it can be tempting to hover and nag when you’re worried about someone, allowing them to make their own choices and offering guidance and support only when needed is essential.

Making Time for Exercise

Regular exercise is crucial to managing diabetes. If you are trying to support a loved one who is living with this condition, a great way to do so is to make time to exercise with them. Not only will this give you a great excuse to spend some time together, you’ll also benefit yourself from participating in more physical activity. Don’t think that you have to jump straight into strenuous gym sessions – especially if either of you are not used to committing to a regular exercise routine. Instead, gentle exercise such as walking, cycling, or even taking up swimming classes can be extremely beneficial. Even if you’re an exercise buff, it’s important to start at a pace with which your loved one is comfortable and work up from there. Having an exercise partner can definitely encourage them to keep going.

Supporting a loved one with diabetes isn’t always easy, but simply being there to offer a helping hand can make a world of difference.