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Many parents prefer taking their kids to a pediatrician over a primary care doctor. Pediatricians are experts on the health needs of children, no matter their age. Each child has unique and special needs, but pediatricians are trained to understand these special situations. Here are some of the reasons why parents take their kids to pediatricians Austin.

Annual Physical Examinations

Routine check-ups are necessary for the growth of all children. When a child visits a pediatrician for a physical check-up, the pediatrician does several tests to ensure that the child is growing appropriately for their age.

Nutritional Advice

Most toddlers are picky eaters, which often makes it difficult for a younger parent to ensure that a child is getting the recommended daily nutrients. Pediatricians can provide everyone from nursing mothers to the parent of a teenager with nutritional guides needed to ensure that their children continue to thrive.

Behavior Issues

Pediatricians are experts in addressing kid’s behavioral issues. Pediatricians can understand whether or not the behavioral problems of a child are normal or whether it is time to seek additional help from a therapist or counselor.

Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season means pediatrician offices will be busy. Many parents take their children to see a pediatrician when the cold or flu becomes concerning. Booking an appointment with a pediatrician is recommended if a cold or flu lingers, is accompanied by fever or rash or if the child is extremely lethargic or dehydrated. These conditions can have dire side effects for children if left unattended.


Infants and toddlers in most countries are immunized prior to starting school. Immunization has to be strictly adhered to for the overall health of a children. Vaccines and immunizations start at birth, with some ending around the age of eighteen years.

Wellness Check

The first health examination for a newborn baby should take place at birth. The first appointment with the pediatrician at Austin Pediatric Surgery can take about half an hour. It starts with a full evaluation of a newborn to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Ear Infection

Research has found that children have a higher risk of developing ear infections than adults. As such, this is a reason to take your child to a pediatrician office for early ear treatment.

A pediatrician is the first doctor your child will probably see but knowing when and why to see a pediatrician often confuses young parents. If you aren’t sure if your situation warrants a visit, give the pediatricians office a call. The patient care team will be happy to give you their recommendations.