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Each new year brings new thoughts. It is a time to take stock while you think back on the last year and a time to make plans for the year to come. For quite a few of us, that will mean focusing on getting healthier, maybe losing some weight, or even cleaning up your act and getting sober. Do these goals sound familiar? Let’s take a closer look at this and some of the other resolutions people might have for 2017.

Get Clean

Each new year provides a benchmark that is obvious when it comes to new beginnings and a starting point that is logical from which you can mount a campaign of recovery, personal growth, and survival. There are ways to initiate programs for self – improvement that might just do the trick. If you have the right strategy and help, such as the help you can find at the HARP treatment center, you will be able to make this New Year’s Day the very first day of your new life. That can include everything good that it implies, too. Recovery from alcohol or substance abuse won’t be easy, but it is possible.

Other Addictions

Addictions don’t just form with drugs and or alcohol. They can be just about anything. You can be addicted to smoking, gambling, eating, shopping, and you can even be addicted to sex. Addiction is a problem that is very serious and it plagues millions of people, however, many of those people suffering from addictions will never get the needed help. Knowing the signs of addiction can really help with recognizing that there is a problem and this is the first step in recovery.

Sticking to Resolutions

Some people find it difficult to stick to resolutions, but others… not so much. What is the difference in those people? Are their brains wired differently? Maybe it is something as simple as the resolutions being more important to the people who stick to them. Maybe they have more will power. On the other hand, maybe they have just found ways to trick themselves into keeping them. Some people keep journals in which they record their successes of each day. This can positively reinforce the resolution and make you want to do better the next day. Some people have even found apps that will help them to stick to their resolutions. What other ways can you think of to stick to your resolutions?

Save Money

This is a resolution that we should all be making. There are plenty of ways to do this too. You might consider clipping coupons, shopping sales, and comparing prices before buying anything. If you shop online, there are quite a few handy tools that will help you. Think about using Honey, which will find you the best deal on what you want to buy. Ebates is a site that allows you to get cash back on items that you buy online. You can also save money by trying to get lower rates on your insurance premiums and even by eating out less. There are literally dozens of ideas that will allow you to save money without having to suffer to do it.

Getting Healthy

When it comes to getting healthy, it is best to do things in moderation. You might want to walk a little bit more while eating a little bit less. If you start out gung ho with a crazy restrictive diet and mad workout plans, you might not get too far along before you end up giving up on them. Doing things in moderation ensures that you will be able to stick with them for a longer period of time because you won’t be getting burned out too quickly.

Cut the Stress

A little bit of pressure every once in a while won’t hurt us. In fact, it can actually give us a boost in energy. However, when stress becomes something that is chronic, it can be detrimental. It can increase the risk of, or even worsen, things like heart disease, obesity, depression, insomnia, and more. Long hours at work coupled with poor diet, no exercise, little sleep, and not having the time to decompress with family and friends can all contribute to your stress levels. Yes, stress is a part of life. That being said we also deserve to have less of it in our lives. This is one resolution that I am sure that we can all agree on.