Excessively sunny weather can leave its mark on the skin. It’s not only that it can cause redness and dryness, but it can actually have much deeper effects that cannot be erased so easily. Sun exposure creates wrinkles, hinders collagen production and affects the deeper skin layers, too.  What can you do for your skin when you are living in a hot climate region? Reverse the effects with the following options.

  1. Fighting actinic keratosis

This is a very serious sign that should be of concern. Actonic keratosis is said to be a form of pre-cancer. The condition involves many small bumps and scaly patches, of a different color than your skin. Itching may occur, as well as growth in size. You can treat it with fluoruoracil and imiquimod applied topically, with diclofenac sodium gel, which is anti-inflammatory, chemical peels, razor resurfacing and crytherapy (liquid nitrogen freezing). The photodynamic treatment can also yield great results.

  1. Dermabrasion procedures

These have quickly become one of the most popular anti aging treatments because they promote skin rejuvenation as dead cells are scraped away. A rotating brush destroys the layer of dead skin, to reveal new, shiny cell layers.

  1. Injections to reduce wrinkles

When sun exposure has gotten too far and you have wrinkles to eliminate, it’s time to try filling them up with injections or smoothing the skin. Consider temporary solutions, like Botox, collagen injections or various fillers (there are several brands and types). In order for these to be effective, first you need to choose a qualified professional working in a reputable clinic.

  1. Brown spot bleaching

Unaesthetic brown spots are not only the result of aging, but also a consequence to constant sun exposure. A skin lightener will work well in this case. Such products are not meant to lighten your overall skin tone, but to make it even by eliminating pigmented areas. Many over the counter products will work well, especially those containing hydroquinone, Retin-A and steroids.

  1. Light emitting diodes treatment

LEDs are light sources often employed in cosmetic clinics to treat sun damaged skin. Low energy LED devices can stimulate collagen production, thus healing and replenishing your skin from within. This will improve fine lines, wrinkles and acne.

  1. Professional laser treatments

Cosmetic lasers can fight a wide array of dermatological issues, including aging due to sun exposure. Recent-date lasers are much more evolved than old ones and are capable to weed out the bad cells and protect the good ones. With a less invasive procedure, you can be sure that your skin is renewed and prompted to refresh itself, given that engage in regular laser sessions for a cumulative effect. Choose carefully though: it’s imperative to go to a clinic with a good reputation and have a true professional cater to your skin. Also, not all laser types are equal; therefore you need one that suits your particular issue.

Ongoing care is a must when coping with sun effects on skin. You must cater to it at home too, through proper hydration, UV protection and frequent but mild skin exfoliation and so on. The sooner you start treating your skin against sun damage, the better. You may be able to reverse at least part of the negative effects.