Roxicodone is a type of pain reliever prescribed to treat severe, chronic pain. It can also be used for post-surgical medication to ease the pain until the surgery site can heal. However, like many opioids, it carries a high risk of addiction — and like Oxycontin and Vicodin, it’s readily available on the street for those that suffer from addiction to these sorts of medications.
“Roxy’s” may refer directly to roxicodone, but the nickname can apply to any of the opioids sold on the street. Because these pills are often medical-grade, they carry a high risk of overdosing. Taking too many opioids can result in a depressed nervous system, an itchy feeling all over the body, and a sort of ‘out of it’ feeling. However, users can still respond to outside stimuli. Because opioids can cause the heart rate to drop to dangerous levels, a person can die from taking too many.
However, death rarely comes immediately. It usually takes time, during which the victim will suffer pain, vomiting, and a loss of consciousness. Reacting quickly can save the person’s life.
The key is remembering that abuse and addiction are not the same thing, but one can be a gateway for the other. A person who abuses roxys can very easily become addicted to them. Someone who takes them for fun, for instance, just for the high it provides could very easily become hooked. As their tolerance level to the drug increases, they will need to take more and more to achieve that same high. This can result in dangerous overdoses and other problems.
If you’ve ever had to step in because someone you loved was taking opioids, you should be aware of the treatment options available. Addiction is a disease, and there are facilities that specialize in treating opioid addictions.
Finding a Rehab Facility
Due to the nature of tabloids, ‘rehab’ seems like something negative. However, there is no shame in checking into a rehab facility in order to beat an addiction or overcome a disease. Look for day treatment programs in Delray and the surrounding area if you’re looking for a short-term solution, but don’t discount the possibility of a 30-day facility.
These programs take the participants through a series of lessons to help them understand the driving forces behind their addiction. If a person can learn what causes them to turn to pills, they can work to avoid these triggers and overcome their disease. Knowing what causes their impulse to pop pills, whether it is stress, anger, or sadness, can be the key in preventing it from happening again.
These programs also teach personal accountability. Many addicts will tell one another that their problems are not their fault, but the truth is that only an addict can stop being an addict. While they can’t do it alone, they have to be the ones to take the first step towards recovery.
A facility that specializes in rehab for roxys will have trained medical staff on standby to help any patients afflicted with more severe withdrawal symptoms. As the body undergoes a detox period, it will begin craving the chemicals it no longer has. At times, these cravings can cause severe, painful reactions and even death. In certain cases, patients may need to be weaned off the drug. The medical staff will know exactly what dose to give to soothe the body, but not allow the person to get high.
Psychologists and counselors will work with your loved one to put their past behind them. Actions they may have taken while addicted, hurts they may have caused their family, and other emotional trauma will be addressed and overcome.
Starting the Road to Recovery
It’s not possible to beat addiction through willpower alone. However, once your loved one realizes they need help overcoming their disease, you can be there for them and help them work through the difficult road ahead. If a person has a dedicated, loving support system, they have a much higher chance of beating their disease.
Don’t wait. Contact a rehab center today to help your loved ones start on their road to recovery.