When you hit the gym to exercise, you want to get rid of the pain by focusing on other things. It is why gym goers prefer turning their phones on to listen to their favourite music. When a song is on, they forget that they are lifting heavy weights. They are also in the mood to keep pushing themselves to the limits especially when the song is upbeat and energetic.

The problem is that phone use inside the gym could also cause potential injuries. When you are on your phone and also lifting weights, you divide your attention. Your lack of control could lead to accidents. These tips will help you stay safe while using your phone at the gym.

Do not turn the volume to the maximum 

Make sure that you still know what is going on around you. Sometimes, turning the volume of your phone to the maximum and using noise-cancelling headphones make you forget the real environment. You feel like you are in a different dimension. Even when someone calls your attention, you will not quickly respond.

Buy a phone holder 

You also need to use a phone holder that you can clip on your shirt or part of the body so you will not keep holding your phone while exercising. You need to be hands-free so that your hands will be on the gym equipment alone. You may also purchase a Bluetooth headset so that you do not need to deal with tangled wires. The wires could also cause potential injuries if you trip on them.

Stop exercising when using your phone apart from music  

When you need to call someone or send a message, you need to stop what you are doing and focus only on one task. If you keep using your phone while lifting a dumbbell, you might type the wrong words and send a wrong message. Worse, the message might be correct, but you end up dropping the weights on your toes. You do not want either of these scenarios to happen.

Use EMF protection 

You stay in the gym for about an hour to do all your exercise routines. Throughout that time, you need to keep your phone close by. The problem is that phones emit radiation and could harm you due to prolonged exposure. Since you cannot stop using your phone, you can at least purchase protective devices so that you will not suffer from radiation emitted by your phone. You can check them out at www.lifeenergysolutions.com. You might think that radiation does not matter due to small doses, but it could impact you in the long run.

You need to be attentive when you are in the gym. Set your goals so that you will maximise the hour or so that you decided to be there. You may also turn off the notifications so that apart from listening to songs, you will not do anything else with your phone.