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The first thing that comes to mind about Sedona is a natural beauty that surrounds you wherever you look. Sedona is in the middle of the Coconino National Forest so living here is like living in a national park with one big difference, Sedona is a small town of 17,000 with world-renowned events such as the Sedona International Film Festival, the local Shakespeare Festival and Jazz on the Rocks. Considered a spiritual center for centuries, visionaries like author Ilchi Lee find it a peaceful place for a transcendent experience.

Vibrant Arts Community

Sedona is famous worldwide for its lively artist’s community with dozens of art galleries exhibiting a full range of the visual arts. Sedona even has its own film school along with the Sedona Arts Center. There is also a community college that offers a wide range of visual arts classes.
Sedona is the second most popular tourist destination in Arizona after the Grand Canyon and visitors are treated to a life of beauty and simplicity that is rare in today’s world. The residents of Sedona are surrounded by world-class resorts and spas, great shopping and excellent restaurants.

A Place for Healing

Sedona is recognized as a place for healing that naturally promotes well- being and health. It is truly a place that refreshes, renews and inspires. This is one reason Ilchi Lee and others settled in Sedona.

Native Americans have lived in Sedona from 8,000 B.C. and have left some of their stone carvings at their sacred sites. The land was always respected for the shelter and food it provided and sacred sites were created for healing and as places to offer prayer. Remains of these sacred sites can still be found around Sedona.

Outdoor Recreation

Finding something to do will not be difficult in Sedona. It offers a remarkable array of year-round activities, which can include geology, archaeology, art, history or just exploring the limitless outdoors. There are some of the best biking, hiking and horseback riding trails in the country. For bird watchers, it is a popular location to observe over 180 species of birds. Along with all of these activities, Sedona is proud of its ideal weather for golf, tennis and motorcycling. There is no shortage of golf courses including the famous Seven Canyons Golf Resort. For swimming and hiking there is the picturesque Red Rock State Park and the Slide Rock State Park, and for skiing Flagstaff in just 30 minutes away.

Native American History

Several Native American people have created communities in Sedona over the millennia. The Anasazi were the ancient ones. At about 500 to 700 AD, the Hohokam arrived with agriculture and irrigation farming. They build canals that brought much-needed water from the mountains. The canals still exist today and continue to bring water. The Sinagua came and farmed with only rainwater. They were also hunters and gatherers. Sedona was a place that Native Americans met in peace from all over the Southwest.

Sedona is located in the southwestern rim of the Colorado Plateau and because of its 4,500-foot altitude, enjoys temperatures 15 degrees cooler than Tucson or Phoenix. It has four mild seasons with an average rainfall of around 17 inches that is more than most deserts giving beautiful cactus blooms and lush greenery.