Smartlipo, also called smart laser liposuction, is similar but different from conventional liposuction. Which one is better? The better question is which liposuction technique is the right one for you given your circumstances and what you need done. We’ll also address the differences between the two procedures at the most basic level.

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The Difference between Smartlipo and Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is the popular term for lipoplasty, the removal of fat cells from the body via suction. The first generation of liposuction became available in 1974. In 1985, tumescent liposuction was developed; this uses a much smaller cannula or tube for the procedure. Smartlipo was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2006. In both cases, the procedure removes localized fat deposits. Smartlipo builds on traditional lipo but using a laser to soften the fat before removing it. Both types of liposuction are still in use today and each has their benefits over the other.

Who Benefits from Traditional Liposuction?

Because Smartlipo uses a smaller tool than traditional lipo, it takes far more time to remove a large volume of fat. If you have a significant amount of fat to be removed, you will need traditional liposuction.

Since traditional liposuction has been around longer, it is easier to find doctors who perform this procedure.

Forgoing the laser option makes the procedure cheaper, though you don’t benefit from the additional tightening of the skin the laser provides. It isn’t just the technology that costs money; because laser lipo takes longer than the traditional alternative, you’re paying extra for more of the doctor’s time. However, if you’re young with good skin elasticity or don’t care about the appearance of the skin relative to the love handles you want to remove, the cost savings may make traditional liposuction a good choice.

Who Benefits from Smartlipo?

Liquification before removing the fat reduces the bruising you experience afterward, making the removal process easier. If you’re afraid of the pain of the procedure and discomfort afterward, Smartlipo is the better choice. You will still need to wear a compression garment after the procedure with Smartlipo, but you should be able to remove it in just a week versus six weeks with conventional liposuction.

The odds of dimpling and sagging after fat removal are higher with traditional liposuction than with Smartlipo; this makes Smartlipo by London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic the better choice for older people who are already dealing with these cosmetic issues. Note that the laser itself won’t tighten skin that is already loose and if you’re removing massive volumes of fat or trying to clean up areas after losing a lot of weight, the laser isn’t going to eliminate loose folds of skin.

The very small size of the Smartlipo cannula makes it suitable for almost any area of the body. Traditional liposuction just isn’t an option for certain places. In fact, Smartlipo is often done months after traditional liposuction to “clean-up” or remove trouble spots left behind.

So, should you opt for smartlipo or traditional liposuction? If you want to minimize the recovery time and impact on your skin after the liposuction, you should go for Smartlipo. If you’re less concerned about the potential impact on your skin after liposuction and want the cheaper option, traditional liposuction is acceptable. In all cases, you want to work with professional doctors with extensive experience in liposuction to minimize the risk of complications and needing later work.