Working out has become a way of life, and with so many options available it’s almost impossible to choose. So don’t. Just make sure you’re fully equipped for the exercise!


Can you imagine doing the splits in a pair of jeans on the concrete? No? That’s because it’s probably impossible, unless the split crotch look is what you were going for.  (If that totally freaked you out, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the splits don’t come in to it until about week 1053.) But you get my point, do yourself a favour and invest in a yoga mat and a super stretchy pair of yoga pants. Your feet and your flexibility will thank you for it!


Treadmill, track, or field, the most important part of running is what you wear on your feet! Any good sports shop will be able to help with this, some even monitoring you on a treadmill to check everything’s looking good. The main thing to look out for is a snug fit around the heel and instep with enough room in the width and toes for when you ace that half marathon and your feet have completely swelled.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Cardio’s more intense cousin; HIIT involves performing a range of body weight exercises at a very fast pace for a short amount of time. Good news: the only equipment you’ll need for this one is a timer!

Strength Training

Gone are the days where we all hailed the cardio queens! With the birth of fitness bloggers and the #strongnotskinny gym bunny mantra, people are swapping the bike for the biceps and the free weights room is no longer a man’s world!Keep safe by using wrist supports for the heavy or awkward lifts and make sure you’ve got a spotter. If you’re going solo, try an app such as Iron Path to keep perfect form and avoid injury later down the line.

Group Training

With many people swapping their gym membership for class passes, group training has taken off and has no sign of slowing down. One of the biggest crazes is CrossFit, a combination of HIIT and Strength Training, including functional movements reflecting gymnastics, weight lifting, running, and almost any sport you can think of. When it comes to equipment, nothing can beat a pair of the best cross fit shoes, specially designed for the job!


If the thought of a stuffy gym or sports hall isn’t really your thing, maybe you’d rather venture in to the great outdoors for your adrenaline fix? “The essentials” will vary depending on your destination, but its always better to be over prepared than underprepared! If it’s a walking holiday pack layers and tents to protect from the elements, if you’re climbing a mountain, carabiners, ropes and poles are recommended. If you’re doing something new and exciting like abseiling… well, make sure you’re with a pro!

Whatever your sports style, get the gear!