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18 million American males aged 20 years and above are suffering from erectile dysfunction. And eating healthy foods could go a long way in alleviating this ailment while also adding some girth, length, and size to your penis.

The foods listed below are healthy, safe, and cheap and unlike over-the-counter medications, you don’t have to worry about side effects, toxic substances, and to break the bank to get them.

Also, a daily diet of these foods and combination with using Bathmate hydromax xtreme pump is sure to give you the desired result with the shortest possible time.

Best penis enlargement foods

So, the next time you go shopping at your local grocery store, make sure to buy these foods for your penis. They all can be found easily, and they are cheap to boot. So here we go:

Salmon – You know, this seafood goodness that is rich in omega-3 fatty oil are useful for improving blood circulation to the penis. They help to keep the blood thin – eliminating that unhealthy cholesterol and bad fats from the blood which in turn stimulates a healthier blood flow. So with adequate blood flowing into your penis, you get a stiffer and rock solid erections.

Onions – Who would believe onions are perfect for treating erectile dysfunctional issues? But, well, research has shown; otherwise, onions play a vital role in aiding healthy blood circulation in the body. They have also been shown to prevent blood clotting which is good for blood flow even into the penis!

Bananas – This versatile fruit is an excellent choice both for keeping the heart healthy and also for getting the blood into the penis. In fact, it is the number one recommended food for enlarging the penis.

Dark Chocolate – this yummy tasty treat is rich in flavonol a phytochemical that is found in plant-based foods. This valuable nutrient is essential in increasing the blood flow in the body and especially to the penis.

Other Useful penis enlargement foods

Eggs – a rich source of protein and amino acids essential for building body tissues including penile tissues. And also rich in hormone controlling elements that help improve libido which is valuable in maintaining a healthy sexual life.

Honey – sweet like honey this superfood is rich in vitamin B, an essential element in the production of testosterone.

Pumpkin seeds – these foods have a high content of amino acids which are essential in rebuilding body tissues including penile tissues.

Figs – Rich in amino acids and other organic substances that help improve sexual urge and boost sexual stamina.

Essential Vitamins for penis enlargement

These vitamins are known to have an active and significant effect on the penis, so an inclusion of each in your daily diet is recommended:

Vitamin B5 – plays an active role in the recovery of your body including penis after an exercise. It also boosts the performance of your penis. Some of the rich sources of vitamin B5 include; bran, shiitake mushrooms, sunflower seeds, liver, etc.

Vitamin B5 supplements are another great source of this essential vitamin.

Vitamin A – This is an antibacterial vitamin which protects the body against germ invasion. Since any infection can negatively affect any penis enlargement gains, you might have made. Hence a regular intake will keep healthy. Excellent sources of vitamin A include; butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

Vitamin C – This is crucial for maintaining healthy sexual health. It is also essential for penis enlargement. Great foods with high vitamin C content include; yellow bell pepper, broccoli, guava, etc.

L-Arginine – this amino acid has been used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction cases for a long time. It also stimulates tissue expansion which is necessary for penis enlargement treatment. You can get L-Arginine from the following foods; oats, pine nuts, beef flank steak, and tuna.

Vitamin D – according to a 2014 study by the international society for sexual medicine, they found that a significant number of erectile dysfunction patients are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. They concluded that men with vitamin D deficiency might be at an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.