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Are you still taking vitamins in the form of capsules or pills?  Well studies show that only 3% to 20% of these forms are absorbed by the body.  Good thing there are other available forms now that maximizes absorption.

An example is 24 Hour Health.  24 Hour Health is a LIQUID vitamin supplement that is packed with 18 vitamins and minerals and 98% absorbed by the body.  How’s that for optimal health?

Let us break it down for you:Vitamin A for better vision, Vitamin C and Zinc to boost your immune system, Vitamin E, Biotin, and Selenium for their anti-aging benefits, and Calcium for strong bones and teeth.  Its Vitamin B Complex is a natural brain and energy booster and helps improve cholesterol levels!This combined with Magnesium is a natural stress reliever too!  Its Omega Fatty Acid Blend burns fat the natural way. (Good news for those who are trying to lose weight!)

All natural yet cutting edge, right?

And it comes in a yummy orange flavor but take note, it’s zero sugar!

The best part about 24 Health is that it gives 10% of its profits to Convoy of Hope, a non-profit organization committed to feedings, outreaches, and disaster response – across the globe!

So each time you purchase 24 Hour Health, you will not only look good, you will feel good, too!

From liquid, let’s go to another fun form by which you can take vitamins – gummies!  Not just your regular candy but a healthy one!  Made possibly only by Seattle Gummy Company.According to their CEO, Dr. Connie Wan, gummies dissolve and are absorbed quickly into the blood stream for fast action.  Now kids can take their vitamins without even knowing it!

Despite being new in the industry, the company has been able to launch several exciting products. Aside from Functional Fruit™ multivitamin bits, some of their other latest fun products include Energon Qube™ sports performance gummies (for pre- and post-workout), Seattle Beauty™ multivitamin for the daily nourishment of your skin, hair, and nails resulting to a healthy and youthful complexion, and lastly, Mocca Shots™ High Energy Gummies which combines chocolate and caffeine for enhanced alertness and focus.  Can there be anything more indulgent than chocolate as a supplement?

Speaking of caffeine, have you ever tried those fancy coffee pods?  Well, guess what? It’s available for vitamins too – only through Tespo!  But unlike the coffee pods which are good for one serving only, Tespo vitamin pods contain one month’s worth of vitamins –so you will never miss a day of taking vitamins!  Tespo vitamin pods are available in 11 different formulas for men, women, and even children.

Who knew that the day will come where your whole family will actually ENJOY taking vitamins?  With the Tespo Smart Dispenser, they surely will!  The dispenser automatically adjusts the amount of water and mix time based on the vitamins you’re taking.  By pressing one button, you get the vitamin shot that you need.  (No tequila shots though!)

Tespo vitamins are made of premium and pure ingredients that are made even more soluble resulting to improved absorption and greater efficacy.

So say goodbye to your capsules and pills because the future of vitamins is here!

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