Many people have the misconception that it is nearly impossible to be healthy and fit, unless you have a good sum of money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it is possible to be fit no matter how much money you have sitting in the bank. By taking the right steps and by speaking with the right people, you will be able to get access to the medical care you need, while simultaneously improving your health. Below, you will find tips for getting healthy on a limited budget.

Eating Right

It is often believed that healthier foods are more expensive. This too is a misconception. By changing your views, you will actually see that fruits and vegetables are far less expensive than potato chips, hamburgers, and daily stops at your local fast food restaurant. In order to gain and maintain optimum health, it is pertinent to eat a healthy diet. Get rid of the sodas, chocolates and pizza. While it might be acceptable to eat these foods, they should not be consumed regularly. Allow yourself a cheat day, but always stick with the healthiest foods possible and you’ll begin feeling better before you know it!

If necessary, put an end to bad habits, such as tobacco, and use the money for necessities.

Regular Checkups

Many people absolutely despise going to their local health clinic. This is probably not reasonable, if you have little income and no insurance. If you’re interested in remaining healthy, you should make sure to visit your local clinic for regular checkups at least once or twice a year. This will give you the ability to catch problems as early as possible, so they can be treated and rectified effectively. If you’re unable to obtain affordable insurance, you may want to consider signing up for Medicaid. Don’t be afraid of the stigma of Medicaid or the potential of a lawsuit.

There are Medicaid fraud lawyers that will protect you through these situations. By keeping yourself healthy whether with Medicaid or your own self-paid insurance, you will be much less of a burden for the government.

Exercising Without Equipment

Many people will find excuses, when they are asked about their health condition. It is not uncommon for medical practitioners, dieticians and physical therapists to hear excuses about not have enough financial support to join a gym. Well, to be honest, you do not need any money to stay in shape or workout. In fact, you can work out on a daily basis, without any exercise equipment. Running, jogging and yoga can be performed indoors or outdoors, without equipment. You can also do a wide range of core exercises that do not require any type of equipment.

You are more than likely located near a school, church or park, with a walking track. Many of these establishments will also have playground and exercise equipment set up for individuals like you. You can take your children to the establishment and let them play on the playground, while you walk or jog around the track. There are so many possibilities for disadvantaged and low-income people, who want to improve their health.