In 2001, it was estimated that America experienced a motor vehicle accident every 10 seconds or so. Thankfully, safety regulations have helped to greatly decrease the number of fatalities, which are directly related to automobile accidents. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that the health complications associated with a vehicle accident can linger for many years. These complications can impact the victim’s physical wellbeing, as well as their mental state. Within this guide, you will learn more about the long-lasting health complications stemming from vehicle accidents.

Long-Term Anxiety

A motor vehicle accident can be enormously traumatic. After experiencing such a dramatic event, the victim will have a difficult time attempting to put these thoughts out of their mind. In fact, this can make it enormously difficult for the individual in question to ride in an automobile again in the future. It is very common for accident survivors to become fearful of driving or riding in a vehicle, after the accident. In order to overcome this problem, the patient will often need to work directly with a psychiatrist. This can take many years of counseling to rectify. Unfortunately, some patients will never diminish their anxiety.

Stress And Depression

Another thing to remember is that a vehicle accident can result in substantial stress. Couple the direct impact of the accident with the potential civil litigation involved and this stress will compound quickly. Eventually, this long-lasting stress will cause the patient to become irate and irritable. This could result in them lashing out at friends, family members and co-workers. In return, the stress associated with the vehicle accident could cause irreparable harm to the patient’s career and family relationships.

This stress and the lifechanging impacts associated with could lead to depression over time. Depression is enormously dangerous and could result in suicide ideation, isolation and a wealth of other problems. Again, treating these problems can take many years. Working with a professional psychiatrist is absolutely pertinent.

Physical Injuries

While the mental impact of an automobile accident can be downright devastating, it is also pertinent to realize that the physical injuries can also result in long-lasting side effects. The individual may wind up suffering from arthritis. In even more severe situations, the patient in question could become permanently damaged. They may no longer be able to walk or hold down a job. If the individual is badly injured during the accident, there is a possibility that they’ll wind up bedridden. This will completely change the rest of their life, as well as the lives of their friends and family members, who may be responsible for caring for them.

This can also prove to be enormously expensive for the victim and their family. These physical injuries can easily attribute to the health complications mentioned above.


At the end of the day, recovering from a motor vehicle accident will take years and years of rehabilitation. If you’re not at fault, it is pertinent to team up with a civil litigation attorney that will fight on your behalf. While a lawsuit might not help you recover mentally or physically, it will give you money that could be put towards your medical treatments.