5 Reasons for Increase in Turkey Hair Transplant

What makes Turkey such a popular destination for regular hair transplant services? That’s one of the most common questions these days. To give a detailed description of hair transplant services in Turkey would require a whole book, or even more. So, let’s take a look at this short guide.

Why Turkey and Not Any Other Destination?

Hair transplants in Turkey are loved for their cost-efficiency. Also, a vast majority of hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are known for their precision style services, approaching every hair transplant service from a unique perspective. Generally, Turkey offers some of the most cost-effective solutions to help you restore your thinning hair or recover from hair loss effortlessly. But it turns out, that’s not the only benefit of professional hair transplant services in this transcontinental country. Many clients choose expert surgeons in Turkey for the following reasons;

  • Gives long term solution to hair loss and hair thinning
  • Turkey hair transplant services give a complete change in appearance
  • The simplicity of most of the hair transplant techniques is a big plus in itself
  • Hair transplant services in Turkey give a natural solution to your hair thinning needs

Is it Safe to Have Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Yes! Turkey offers one of the safest destinations to have a professional hair transplant at the most affordable costs. Istanbul, for example, is widely regarded as one of the best places to have hair transplant surgery, helping you recover your stylish looks while saving a few dollars in the process.

What’s the Approximate Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey?

With the increasing demand for hair transplant services in Turkey, it’s plain to see why this destination also offers one of the cheapest services in the region. With more and more individuals flocking the region to get professional hair transplant services, clinics are constantly competing against each other, in a bid to offer the most professional services and win over more clients. The estimated average cost for a professional hair transplant service in Turkey currently ranges from $1700 to $2000. Of course, this can still be expensive for some individuals. But it is relatively cheaper when compared to other popular destinations such as the US or Britain where the same procedures would go for about $25000 or even more.

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE hair transplant is by far the most popular hair transplant technique in the world at the moment, and rightly so. The situation is not different in Turkey either, a country brimming with first-class hair transplant surgeons willing to go out of their way to give you the top-quality services you deserve. The Turkey hair transplant industry packs modern equipment and the latest techniques, with every service easily seen as the embodiment of professional competence. The FUE hair transplant technique delivers guaranteed results, with a vast majority of hair transplant surgeons always working hard to tailor their services to match the client’s needs. If you are still wondering what FUE is all about, this is a modern technique that involves extracting hair follicles from donor areas before transferring them to the receptor site. With modern techniques such as FUE, painful scars or disappointing results are bygone stories. And complete healing occurs in just 7-8 days. To get a professional FUE hair transplant today, book an appointment with your Turkey hair transplant surgeon to get in-depth medical advice at every step.

FUT Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE vs FUT, somewhat confusing, right? Well, follicular unit transplantation (FUT), or the strip method, is a hair transplant technique that involves cutting a strip of skin from the scalp to obtain the hair follicles. This procedure is more efficient in managing male pattern baldness. Generally, FUT is quicker than FUE and the clients may even stay awake as the surgery continues. Turkey FUT hair transplant surgeons are one of the best in the world, and you shouldn’t hesitate to take your chance when the opportunity arises. But be sure to check out the available options, pricing, and your budget before making the short trip to Istanbul.

Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey: Is it Worth it?

If you are already visiting Turkey to get your favorite hair transplant service, you will want to work with the best. And make no mistake, the range of options is sometimes confusing. One of the key aspects of choosing a professional hair transplant clinic is online reviews. Before choosing a hair transplant clinic, start by checking their online website to find out what others say about them. What’s more, here are additional factors you may want to keep in mind to help you settle for the best;

  • Consistency
  • Experience and skills
  • Cost

The Bottom Line

Is Turkey the best destination for professional hair transplant services? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But that should never be the question. Instead, it should be, do they have what it takes to give you satisfying results? And certainly, they do. So, the next time you are willing to make the short trip east, you already know your options.