In your daily life anxiety affects you largely. It affects many things like how you feel or how you behave etc. Anxiety has many real physical symptoms. It feels merely like fear but the most surprising thing is that you know that what you are frightened of, but you sometimes don’t know about what you are anxious about. Mild anxiety is no doubt vague and unsettling, but when it becomes severe can be extremely debilitating.


Types of Anxiety disorders:


Anxiety disorders are classified into several specific types, but the most commons are:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder: It is a severe health disorder due to excessive and long-lasting anxiety due to nonspecific life events and situations. Generalized anxiety disorder sufferers sometimes feel afraid and worry about family, health, work or school. They have troubled with by both identifying specific fear and controlling the worries. Generalized anxiety disorder sufferers expect failure with daily functions like social activities and relationships. You can control this type of anxiety using Phenibut capsules.
  • Social anxiety disorder: Social anxiety disorder is a kind of paralyzing fear in any social situation being negatively judged by someone. This chronic social phobia may leave you feeling ashamed, fear of intimacy, fear of humiliation and loneliness. Almost all boys and girls of 13 feel such anxiety disorder. This anxiety may cause people to avoid human contact and public situations to that point where normal life is considered impossible.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder: In this type of anxiety disorder people are overwhelmed with the desire that you will perform particular rituals repetitively. Common compulsions are habitual hand washing, checking something.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: This type of anxiety comes from previous trauma like hostage situations, military combat, natural disasters, rape, physical attack or a serious accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder sometimes leads to behavioral changes due to avoid certain stimuli.

Apart from these anxiety disorders there are also other anxiety disorders like Phobias, Panic Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder etc.

Symptoms for anxiety disorders:

Anxiety may be manifested in many different ways. Symptoms may differ from person to person. Symptoms may be general or specific.

General symptoms include:

    • Nervousness,
    • Restlessness,
    • Irritability,
    • Trouble sleeping,
    • Fatigue,
    • Concentration problem etc.

Specific symptoms include:

  • Sense of danger,
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling cool or overheat,
  • Chest pain,
  • Rapid breathing,
  • Hyperventilating,
  • Excessive perspiration,
  • Tingling in the hands etc.

Sole causes behind anxiety:

If you be conscious about the anxiety, you will find that there are many cases behind anxiety those triggered by stress in our daily lives. As much you feel your stress, the much will be the anxiety. So, stress is the root of all anxiety. Even those who are anxious about it can easily manage it well. When you feel a negative self-talk, you can realize that you are addicted with anxiety. Sometimes, it is heard that medicines like Phenibut capsules may reduce the effects of stress, but before using medicine you must consult with your doctor.