You are jogging since long, but not getting satisfactory results. This means that you need to select more challenging exercises to burn your body fat. Jogging is good for cardiovascular endurance, but you need to work out more when you have to burn stubborn fat. In order to burn fat effectively you need to follow a workout that elevates your heart rate and burns more calories in the minimum possible time.

There are different types of fitness regimes, which you can follow; circuit training is one of them. You can also perform dead lifts, shoulder presses and other body strengthening exercises. You have to do each exercise for 30 seconds, then have a break for 30 seconds, do this continuously for three sets of the same exercise,then move on to another one. You have to do this for 15 minutes a day and you will get results beyond your expectations. You will be flabbergasted to see the results, which you were unable to achieve from months of jogging.


Don’t Avoid Carbohydrates 

Carbohydrate is considered as the main contributor to weight gain. People who are interested in losing weight have a kind of phobia regarding carbohydrates. As a result of which they shun from carbohydrates like plague. Well, let me tell you that not all types of carbohydrates are bad for your body. Your body requires carbohydrates to work properly and carbohydrate is also the main source of the energy. For instance, our brain functions mainly of carbohydrates and if you stay away from carbohydrates completely; you may cause damage to your body. People use different kinds of formulations to lose weight, but you must do it under the supervision of an experienced dietician. Every kind of food needs to be taken at the proper time and in the right amount. When we are talking about carbohydrate, you can consume brown rice, multigrain breads and oatmeal. Foods which are high inglycemicare supposed to be consumed after intense exercises; in this category, thereare potatoes, white rice, juices and bananas.

Set Realistic Goals

You have seen a lot of people failing in their fat loss program because they are not practical and they expect something really big from themselves. As a result of which they end up losing only a single pound in the whole month. That is the reason why they leave their fat loss programs in between. Remember that you have not gained all the fat overnight, which you are trying to burn. If you cannot get all this fat in a single day, then how can you burn it so quickly? That is why it is advised to set a goal which is realistic and easily achievable for you and get relevant information from After accomplishing your first goal, naturally you will be more motivated and will continue with your fat loss program with more dedication. If in the first two weeks, you can use only half an inch, then you are moving on the right path to achieve your goal. Nobody can monitor you; keep a check on what you are taking and how religiously you are following your fitness regime.