how to reduce hair fall
how to reduce hair fall

How to reduce hair fall :- Hair is a protein filament that grows from the follicles of the innermost part of the skin, i.e. the dermis.

Hair is the most defining characteristic of a human being. The growth, the density, the thickness, the styling of one’s hair brings out his personality.

Hair fall is a common problem faced by people as they tend to get older. Due to aging, the scalp of the hair gets loose and tends to fall off.

Human genetics play a vital role in determining what type of hair an offspring would inherit. Thinner hair tends to fall off more easily than thicker hair.

We cannot alter our genome and decide for ourselves what kind of hair we want. Rather we can try some methods to strengthen our hair and to reduce hair fall.

Having a balanced diet

Hair gets more damaged due to the outer pollution, mainly because of smoke and dust from the vehicles. As hair is a natural protein filament, to alter the damages of the hair, it is necessary to give it an extra dosage of protein daily.

The best way to do this is to have a proper diet which contains a significant amount of proteins in it. Proteins help in the building of cells and tissues and also help to reduce hair fall.

The best foods that contain proteins are milk, fish and eggs. Eating egg whites as well as massaging the scalp with it can how to reduce hair fall rapidly.

Taking adequate amount of vitamins and minerals

Taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet can be the solution of how to reduce hair fall.

Vitamin C along with Iron helps in the absorption of iron in our body which in turn leads to strength of the scalp leading to less fall of hair.

Vitamin A and B12 helps in the formation of more blood in our body which ultimately leads to more oxygen and blood supply to the scalp of the hair.

Change in regulation of hormones

From the age of 16-17, our body starts to attain the stage of puberty. During this stage there is a massive change in the hormones of the body.

Due to the hormonal change, sometimes there is a case of hair fall. In that case, one should consult a doctor and take medications for proper hormone levels.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the essential compound for all the bodily functions. It keeps the body hydrated and is very crucial for the growth of new cells and tissues.

Water also helps in the smooth flowing of blood. Both of this factors lead to the strength of the hair and prevents hair fall.

It is also better to avoid carbonated sodas. The presence of mild acids in soft drinks weakens the immune system of our body which increases the chances of getting how to reduce hair fall.

Stop smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking has the worst effects to our body. Smoking reduces the blood circulation of our body and also increases the rate of aging of the skin.

As the blood flow decreases, a lesser amount of blood reaches the scalp of the hair, which leads to loss of hair.

Moreover, smoking leads to the formation of a cancerous tumor which is very fatal. To get cured one has to undergo chemotherapy. This therapy includes the use of gamma rays which leads to the falling of hair.

Consumption of alcohol can lead to liver cirrhosis and it can have an adverse effect on our immune system which can potentially be another reason of hair loss.

Exercising both body and mind

Regular exercise can have a good impact on the overall structure and fitness of the body. Moreover, when a person works out, he produces energy and as a result sweats profusely.

Sweat clears the hair pores of germs and makes them clean. Moreover regular exercises can make the locks of hair more strong and prevent them from falling.

A person should not only train his body but also train his mind to remain calm and composed at all times.

Excessive stress and tension can lead to mental pressure which can advertently lead to the loss of hair at an early stage.

To attain peace of mind and keep himself calm and composed at all times, one must try doing meditation or yoga every morning.

Scalp massage

Like every part of our body, the hair scalp also needs special treatment from time to time to remain strong and healthy.

The best way to do this is to give the hair a nice oil massage right from the scalp to its entire length. Natural oils like olive, coconut or almond are the best for oil massage.